A Guideline Of How We Will Care Our Small Pet

by shajib
care our small pet

A Guideline Of How We Will Care Our Small Pet – The following list is intended only as a guideline of how we will care for your pet. It is not intended to be a complete list, just as an indication of some of the special care that we undertake for some types of animals.
If your pet has any special needs, please talk to one of our Pet Haven.

Experts.RABBITSRabbits will receive daily vegetables as well as their correct dry foods. They will also have time outside in a safe run for as long as it is practical. The longer-fur type of rabbit will receive daily grooming. GUINEA PIGSGuinea pigs are amongst our favorites of the furred animals. They will be allowed out in the garden runs and will receive their correct portions of necessary veggies.GERBILS, HAMSTERS, MICE, and RATTIESIf the owner so specifies, Gerbils, Hamsters, Mice, and Ratties can all be given small tidbits each day of cooked dinner together with fresh water.

We have a rigid schedule to ensure that water is not left in their pots to go stale or run out.CHINCHILLASWith Chinchillas, we prefer to follow their owner’s routine as to when and where they are given their dust baths. Special care is taken about their correct feeding.INSECTSInsects have to come complete with their healthy living homes.LIZARDSFavourite guests of the Small Pet Haven are lizards.
My own much loved Leopard Gecko died just recently, and he had been with me for a very long time, and I miss “George” very much. Lizards should come into their living accommodation as it is unfair to disorientate them more than is necessary. These live in my home. The only stipulation with these creatures is that the Small Pet Haven only feeds live foods of the cricket, mealworm, or Locust variety. We do not feed live foods, either bigger or furrier than those stated. TORTOISESTortoises, with regret, have to be restrained because, unlike our resident tortoises, they would like a bee in danger from our deep garden pond if they were allowed to roam free. However, our garden is secure, and tortoises will be permitted under supervision each day for a free run to exercise their legs. A correct and varied diet is also supplied and not just the “Lettuce
and Tomatoes” idea that some people think. Any individual favorite items can also be obtained if you let us know beforehand.BIRDSBirds are to be kept in their cages but will be given small extra goodies as well. They will be spoken to and can have a radio on if they wish to save them from missing their owners. We do have a part wild garden that supplies lots of tasty weeds and other treats that birds love. Our garden is natural and free from harmful chemicals, so everything is safe to eat.
parrots have a policy of not allowing poor language in the house precisely
so that parrots will not be taught objectionable “colorful metaphors.”
during their stay. <smile> HOME VISIT service we do also offer a home visit service to the immediate area. If this proves to be popular, we will consider extending our area.
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