It’s no secret that cats enjoy being pampered

by shajib
cats enjoy being pampered

It’s no secret that cats enjoy being pampered – but a good brushing session has practical benefits. If you don’t appreciate your furniture being covered in fluff, brushing your cat regularly will help minimize shedding.  It will also prevent hairballs and even reduce human allergies if dander is a trigger. That said, some brushes make the job easier than others; we’ve tried almost all of them by now, so I thought I’d share some recommendations.  These are the brushes that our cats liked (or at least tolerated) and did a great job at deshedding.***Great for shedding***As far as cat brushes go, the Furminator is pretty famous, and for a good reason – it’s one of the best de-shedding tools around.  The Furminator is the original metal comb cat brush; it uses its narrow stainless steel teeth to reach beneath the animal’s topcoat to brush the undercoat, pulling out a large amount of loose hair.

Although it’s incredibly effective at what it does, you will need to deal with matted areas separately.  Metal combs for cats will pull out the entire clump of knotted hair, much to kitty’s dismay!  You can use a gentle brush to resolve to knot and then go in with the Furminator to dashed.  Another point of caution is that it shouldn’t be used on breeds that don’t shed such as Siamese, Siberian and Burmese cats. This brush is designed with a convenient button push mechanism to remove fur from the metal teeth.

There are four options: a short hair brush for up to 2-inch long fur and a long hair version for longer than 2 inches.  These both come in a small and large model for cats under and over 10 lbs.ProsConsFurminator is a well-established brandPulls at knots and mats – remove them first large and small designs available suitable for breeds who do not shed furLong and short hair designs available easy to remove fur with “fur ejector” buttonClaims to reduce shedding by up to 90%Recommended by vets and grooming professionals***Great for shorthaired cats*** Safari is another big name in pet grooming products.  The brush I use for my British Shorthair is their self-cleaning slicker brush.  It has thin, flexible metal bristles and is designed to get rid of knots.  Like the Furminator, it does a good job of deshedding my shorthaired cat.  As for longhaired cats, I find that the bristles are too short of reaching Loki’s undercoat, and it can pull a bit too much. Safari’s Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush does remove impressive amounts of fur and also includes a push-button on the back to release the hair that’s accumulated on the bristles.  It’s comfortable to hold with a rubber handle and solid construction.

It’s also suitable for brushing out mats and knots as the flexible bristles detangle rather than yanking on a whole clump of fur.ProsConsGreat for deshedding shorthaired catsNot as effective for longhaired cast button to release fur from brushErgonomic design suitable formats and knows Safari is a well-established brand***Great for longhaired cats***Finding a brush that worked for my longhaired cat was a challenge.  Some of the more aggressive deshedding designs pulled too hard while others couldn’t reach his undercoat.  This double-sided pin and bristle brush are the best I’ve found so far. This brush from Tailgate has two sides with two brush types, but we mostly use the pin bristle side. The bristles are longer and stiffer than the Safari slicker, so they easily penetrate his topcoat of long fur and detangle his undercoat.  The pins are topped with tiny balls so that it won’t hurt his skin. The other side has a soft bristle brush that doesn’t detangle but smooths the surface leaving a shiny finish.  It’s also good for removing dirt from outdoor cats, but our two are indoor only, so I haven’t tried that.ProsConsBall-tipped pins good for sensitive cats not extremely effective for desheddingfGreat for longhaired catsGreat for detangling2 Brushes in 1Works for long and shorthaired cats Soft bristles remove dirt and give shine***Grooming glove, great for sensitive cats*** an enjoyable alternative to conventional cat brushes is the mitt brush or grooming glove.  This design from Hands-On is particularly popular and can be used both wet or dry – very helpful when shampooing your pet.  It’s a heavy-duty glove with plastic bristles on the palm.

You brush the cat by petting it with the glove on. If your cat isn’t a fan of being brushed due to sensitive skin or simply an aversion to the object itself, a grooming glove could work.  It supposedly feels like a kitty massage while also being pretty good at deshedding shorthaired cats.ProsCons Glove design good for cats who fear brushes Not as effective for longhaired cats Most cats enjoy the sensation Can be used wet or dry Great for deshedding Gentle – no sharp bristles Can easily brush hard to reach spots how to brush your brushing your cat is quite straightforward – usually, he’ll show you what he likes and purr when you get it right!  Here are some general tips: Most brushes are best used on clean, dry fur.  The Furminator, in particular, recommends bruising immediately after washing and drying your cat. First, remove any large knots with a slicker other suitable brush.  Then you can move onto deshedding.Start gently, brushing with long strokes down your cat’s coat in the hair’s natural growth direction.  Start at the head and work back, taking care in sensitive areas like the stomach and legs.  Don’t focus excessively on one spot, and don’t apply too much pressure as it can irritate. Clean excess hair from the brush as you go; brush for as long as your cat will tolerate it, or until you get bored.  By the time you’ve finished, very little hair should be coming out onto the brush.  About 15-20 minutes is recommended.

How often you brush your cat depends on the type of fur and whether it’s shedding season or not.  Once or twice a week is a usual recommendation

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