Costume for Cats – Loki Reviews a Dragon Costume for Cats

by shajib
Costume for Cats

Costume For Cat – Look at this fierce dragon kitty! With Halloween coming up, I thought I’d share some cute costume ideas for cats.  Before you cry cruelty – don’t worry.  My cat model (Loki) is the most chill dude I’ve ever met.  He does not mind wearing the costumes for a photoshoot a few minutes long, but he also seems to love the attention.  That said, I’ll share some tips to make dressing up a fun and safe experience for your pet later on. So, I went on a little shopping spree and got a bit carried away.  The first one I want to show you is the kitty dragon costume.

It’s a dog costume, but they are mostly interchangeable.  It could also be a dinosaur…the only limit is your imagination (and Photoshop skills :P). Look at those floofy feet! I was surprised at how good quality this costume was (it’s this one btw).  The material feels like velvet or velour…think Juicy Couture loungewear but with dragon spikes! The tummy and leg regions are elasticated to make it easy to put on and take off.  It’s also machine-washable, which is a bonus. It’s essential to measure your cat if you’re buying a costume for him/her.  My boy needed an XL, even though it’s a dog costume, and dogs are generally more prominent than cats.

You’ll need to measure the length from neck to the base of the tail, the chest (around the tummy), and the throat. Of course, it’s better to size up rather than get a dress that’s too small.  This will be uncomfortable for your pet and could even hurt him. See, he loves it! Safety PointsAlthough this photoshoot was fun for both Loki and me, I must finish up with some safety points for dress-up time with the cat.  You know your pet best, and if he is anxious or doesn’t like attention, do not attempt this.  I know you want that Instagram perfect photo set, but it’s not worth stressing your cat out or hurting him for.

Here are some other important points:

• Never leave your cat unsupervised when he’s wearing a costume.  The fabric can get caught on furniture and trap/injure him.
• Following on from the above, don’t let your cat wear a dress outside.  Costumes can easily get caught on trees or fences.
• Don’t leave the costume on for more than a few minutes.  Your cat’s patience will wear out, or he will end up making a mess by using the litter tray while wearing it.
• If the costume has fluffy parts, your cat may try to eat them. Again, this is why you need to watch him the whole time.
• Avoid costumes that cover your cat’s head or obscure their vision.  This can lead to accidents and cats generally don’t like having their heads included

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