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Doggie Treats

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Filed under Homemade Dog Treats Are Healthier, Making Homemade Dog TreatsWhat dog owner doesn’t like to give their dog treats? Your dog loves treats, and you love to treat them. But some choices for doggie treats are better than others. In this article, you’ll learn about some gifts that might not be a good option. We’ll talk about rawhide chews, bones, and chocolate. Rawhide ChewsNow, we know dogs love chewing on rawhide, and there are some benefits.

They do clean your dog’s teeth, and eating the rawhide can keep them occupied for quite a long time. But some types of rawhide are dangerous as well. Some rawhide chews are processed outside of the US that are preserved with very harmful chemicals that can hurt your dog. Sometimes these chews are laced with arsenic as well. So when you do buy rawhide chews, be sure to read the label and make sure they are processed in the US where it is illegal to add these chemicals.BonesDogs, of course, love bones of all shapes and sizes and can be given at times as special doggie treats. But some bones can be hazardous for your dog. Especially vulnerable are chicken and turkey bones.

These bones are more brittle, and they can splinter as your dog chew on them, which can cause them to choke. Even some beef or pork bones can shatter as well. If you want to give your dog a bone, one of the safest types are shinbones.chocolate as humans love chocolate for our treats, and it’s so tempting to want to provide our pooches with a special chocolate treat as well. But this is not a good thing to do. Chocolate is toxic to dogs (and cats as well). Chocolate contains the ingredient theobromine, which will cause hyperactivity when your dog consumes a little of it. But if given too much, it could be fatal. Now we know that dogs have a way of seeking out chocolate and sneaking it, so be sure to watch for any signs of breathing irregularities or voting. So, you want to be very careful with these types of treats for your special canine. An occasional rawhide chew or a safe bone is excellent once in a while.

An excellent alternative for doggie treats is finding some tremendous homemade dog treat recipes that are quick, easy, and inexpensive that your dog will love. Share and Enjoy:Tags: dog biscuits, dog snacks, dog treat recipes, dog treats, doggie treats, healthy dog treats, natural dog treats.

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