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by shajib
Homemade Dog Treats

I have been so busy, its lucky I have plenty of homemade dog treats in my freezer ready for my lovely dogs while I’m away for two months! There is so much change going on I hope my Labs will be ok.  My recipe book will be used so much when I get back! Dogs are generally creatures of habit, so I am worried about the changes that Zac and Delboy will have to deal with. Firstly, I am going away, and they will have to go to kennels for a few days as there will be no-one to look after them. Luckily it’s only for a few days as they will miss my homemade dog treats.FAMILIAR things the most significant change will be moving house – again. We have moved a few times, and they have coped very well each time.

I wonder if they know what is about to happen. Each time I fill another box, they look at me very suspiciously. Luckily they are going to a beautiful new home, with a garden and beaches not that far away. They love going to the beach – so even if there is some upheaval, it’ll all be worth it in the end. Try my homemade dog treat recipes in my recipe book  ‘How to Make Your Own Dog Treats’I can’t wait to move! It means new walking routes for me and the dogs! I love going to new places and of course, the dogs always love new places to sniff and explore. We have taken our dogs to the area we are moving to so they are familiar with it. We will also take their toys, feeding bowls and importantly their beds and bedding – I want them to enjoy the new home, but be confident that they are wanted and I believe having familiar things around them will help.

Of course, eating my homemade dog treats will also be something familiar to them. There will be lots of work to do at the new home – the fencing has to be made secure to make sure they can’t accidentally roam too far – I don’t want them getting lost! TRAINING TO ‘GO’ IN ONE AREAI would really like to re-train my dogs so they only do their mess in the one area. This is a new area for me. Our dogs are trained in many ways, but presently, they do ‘go-anywhere’ in the garden. Hence, our grass doesn’t look too healthy.

So, when we move, my big priority will be to train them to only go in a certain area – if anyone has any tips on how to do this I would love to hear from you! I know that I will use plenty of my homemade dog treats in the training process. That’s the good thing about making your own treats, at least I know that I will be giving them healthy treats in my quest to get them to ‘go’ in one area. So, if you are going through any kind of change and want your dogs to feel secure, try treating them with some of the homemade dog treats from my recipe book  “How to Make Your Own Dog Treats’ and your dogs will love you even more!

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