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Dog Biscuits

I wanted to know how to make dog biscuits that avoid those smelling moments with dogs. You know what I mean. When your dog silently but powerfully gets a collective ‘poo’ sound from anyone nearby. My recipe book includes de-gas dog biscuits. I’ve heard all kinds of so-called ‘solutions’ to dogs’ windy problem! Some people believe that because fresh apples are fine, then apple juice willl also help the trick to stop those gassy problems – but apple juice has a lot of sugar and often has additives as well that aren’t good for dogs.

The solution is in your dog’s diet. Making treats from scratch means you know exactly what’s in them, how to make dog biscuits de gas your dog, and that are also tasty is the real trick. Avoid processed and canned meats – these will definitely make your dog gassy. Avoid giving your dog leftover food – often this will have seasoning, herbs, spices, etc that will not agree with your dog avoid herbs and spices just like humans, dogs get a build-up of gas – this can be made worse depending on what food is consumed.

As with us humans, flatulence is caused when bacteria in the digestive tract break down food particles. This process creates gas, which can accumulate in your dog’s gastrointestinal tract. While it rarely indicates a serious health problem, if your dog’s flatulence becomes prolonged or excessive, you should take him to the vet. Try my homemade dog treat recipes in my recipe book  ‘How to Make Your Dog Treats’ Some of the causes of gassy

dogs:1.  Swallowing air when they eat their food too quickly.

2. Eating foods that can cause gas, such as beans, milk, peas, soybeans, spicy or fatty foods.

3. Feeding your dog a poor-quality diet, such as inexpensive dog food, table scraps, excessive treats, etc. Some breeds are more prone to be gasbags than others.

These are the five most flatulent breeds:1. Bulldog2. German Shepherd3. Mastiff4. Boxer5. Labrador – that includes my dogs, Delboy and Zac….oh dear, hold your nose! To de gas your dog, feed him dog high-quality food to find out how to make dog biscuits that de gas your dog check out my recipe book. Also, exercise your dog will get his digestive system working a treat!

So, take him to the park, or walk the streets – either will improve your dog’s problem. So, if you want to know how to make dog biscuits that will de gas your dog try some of this dog treat recipes in my book.

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